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Hi I'm Andrew i live in Bathgate town outside Edinburgh.I always had a fancy for a collie since the lassie movies. I bought my first collie a tri- colour (Cassie) in 1996 from the Wilmaranna Kennels. My first litter from Cassie came 4 years later where i kept 2 blue merle pups ...rory and blue who i started to show. Blue became a mum in 2003 where only belle survived (from a litter of 3) another blue merle, who i showed for a few years. My first sable joined my kennel in 2008 from the Kourika Kennels, who i still enjoy showing, hopefully she will become a mum soon. I bought my first Dachshund brodie in 2006 also from the Wilmaranna Kennels. Brodie produced me a fantastic litter of pups in 2008 which i have shown successfully. Lily bell (Brodies daughter) has now produced me another lovely litter in 2010 of which i am hoping to show her daughter minnie in April. Thanks to Bunty Paterson who started me in these two lovely breeds, also the support she and all my doggy friends have given me over the years.